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Giuliana Rancic and Lonni Paul Are Ready to Decorate Your Home

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From gorgeous bedding and towels to stunning decorative accents, Fashionista Giuliana Rancic and World-Renowned Interior Designer Lonni Paul are joining forces for their new home décor collection, august & leo. They are bringing their modern classic designs to your living room and beyond.

Giuliana made her HSN debut in 2012 with her fashion collection, G by Giuliana. In 2019, she crossed into beauty, bringing her clean skin care line, Fountain of Truth, to HSN. Lonni has designed spaces that have graced the pages of the top design magazines in the world. She is known for applying a modern, classic aesthetic to a traditional space, giving a quality that is both timeless and current.

While gearing up for the launch of august & leo, Giuliana and Lonni shared more about bringing the collection to life and the inspiration behind the line.

Did you always have a passion for home décor and interior design?

Giuliana: I remember going to the mall with my mom when I was 11 years old and picking out a pink floral bedroom set. The comforter matched the pillowcases, which matched the curtains, which matched the wallpaper. Even though it was ‘matchy-matchy’, I loved how it instantly brightened my mood every morning. My mom wouldn’t let me decorate with posters on the wall, but my little walk-in closet was filled with images of pop stars.

Lonni: I’ve always had a passion for design. It began when I was a girl visiting my Grandmother’s house who had great sense of style. From her modern turquoise sofa to the cool way she dressed, spending time with her was an experience in chic.

Did you draw inspiration from your previous home designs for august & leo?

Giuliana: Yes, Lonni and I have worked on eight homes together and our designs have been featured in major design magazines – now we get to share our designs with the world through this collection.

Lonni: I have built and designed hundreds of homes during my career for myself and for my clients. I believe our homes are the soul of our lives. When your home is at its best it can motivate and inspire you. Creating august & leo was a very personal journey for me. Everyone should have access to beautiful home decor and decorate an environment that makes them happy. By collaborating with Giuliana and HSN, my dream has become a reality.

Which pieces from the HSN collection are your favorites?

 Giuliana: My favorite piece is our striking mirrored lamp with the hidden jewelry holder. I have one of these on each of my nightstands. They are not only stunning but also functional.  I store my rings and earrings in them every night when I get into bed and they’re ready to put back on right when I wake up.  This lamp is a dream!

 I also love The Moving Flame Candles by Luminara. They look so real that my husband tried blowing them out the other night!

Lonni: The comforter sets are custom designs you won’t find anywhere else. I love to see these come to life. And the cotton sheets! They are extra soft and luxurious. How can you not sleep better with sheets like these?

The august & leo collection features an assortment of 30 pieces. The textile prices range from $19.95 to $99.95 and the home décor prices ranges from $36.95 to $250.00. The collection is available exclusively on hsn.com.




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