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HSN Announces Kick-Off of the HSN® Product Search Program

June 27, 2022: HSN, a leader in video commerce (“vCommerce”), announced today the HSN® Product Search, the company’s international pursuit to discover new and innovative products from across the globe. Through HSN, brands have the opportunity to turn their businesses into household names and share their personal stories with viewers. Selected candidates will be invited to a virtual pitch panel session.

Entrepreneurs with products in apparel, accessories, beauty, culinary, home décor, home innovations and electronics may complete an online application and submit a video that highlights the story behind their brand as well as the product information. If selected, the candidates will have the opportunity to pitch their products to a judging panel comprised of HSN merchandising team members. The chosen brands will be integrated through HSN’s New Vendor Onboarding Program. Candidate applications will open today and close on July 25. If selected, the virtual pitch panels will take place the week of September 12. Click here to learn more about the HSN® Product Search, powered by RangeMe.


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