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Joanna Garcia Swisher Springs Into HSN This Season With New Home Décor Collection

June 6, 2022: Actress and DIY enthusiast JoAnna Garcia Swisher brings the beauty of nature into your home this spring with her first ever home décor collection, Clover by Jo, available exclusively on HSN. The home design aficionado taps into her creative spirit to infuse her new line with the renewed energy of the warmer months ahead. Clover by Jo features transitional home décor rooted in nature, with versatile pieces from feminine floral duvet covers to timeless baskets and lanterns.

We recently sat down with JoAnna to learn more about her new line and how HSN customers can revamp their homes this spring. Shop the full line now, available on HSN.com.

When did you discover your passion for home décor?

My passion for home décor has evolved over time, both in intensity and style and design. As I started to design my own home for my family and me, I found so much joy in creating spaces that felt warm and inviting and reflective of who we are. Home décor helps to tell that story.

What was your inspiration behind this collection?

Clover by Jo is inspired by the renewed sense of energy that comes with the season of spring. I’m using vibrant colors and natural touches to highlight the fresh feeling of springtime.

What are your favorite ways to reset your home for the springtime?

Like most everyone, I get the urge to declutter and “spruce things up” a bit in the spring. I switch out heavier textiles with cozy, light fabrics and add pops of color anywhere I can.

Spring cleaning can be exhausting! What are some tips to make it fun and light?

My biggest tip for spring cleaning is taking it one small project at time! Maybe that’s going through your closet and creating a donation pile, or looking in your medicine cabinet and tossing expired items, or tackling the dreaded junk drawer. If you break the list down into small parts, it doesn’t feel as daunting. And I promise, one check of the spring cleaning to do list will inspire you to keep going.

If you had to choose three items from Clover by Jo to use in your family’s home, what would they be?

I have all of the items from my collection in my home. Everywhere you look, there’s a pompom throw; both of my girls have the ruffled blankets on their beds; and our woven baskets are housing everything from magazines in the family room, flowers on the dining table, and even stashing backstock bath products in our guest bathrooms!

What was it like working with the HSN team to create Clover by Jo?

HSN has a long history of helping entrepreneurs like me launch businesses – they’ve literally been doing it for decades. The company has an amazing team of in-house designers and sourcing experts, who listened to every idea I had – every color, every pattern, every print, every style – and helped me turn my vision into products that will bring happiness and beauty into every home. From fabrications and color options to detailing and design, they guided me to high quality choices at the best prices, so Clover by Jo offers great value too. I’m proud of what we created together.

What excites you about launching your new brand on HSN?

HSN has been such an incredible partner. I’ve felt so supported on a creative level and, because HSN is known to offer only the highest quality products, I could rest easy knowing that when my vision came to life, I would have the best products to offer customers. It really has been a dream come true.

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