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Liz Folce Brings the Essence of True Beauty to HSN with Exclusive Nakery Beauty Line

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May 6, 2022: Beauty maven Liz Folce is bringing her very own clean beauty line, Nakery Beauty, exclusively to HSN to celebrate the feminine body. With Nakery Beauty, Liz is addressing skincare as a full body agenda to help women feel confident in every life pursuit. Nakery Beauty features a wide array of flirty scents captured in a high quality, solution-based product.

We sat down with Liz for a behind-the-scenes look at her new line and why she’s excited to bring it exclusively to HSN customers. Nakery Beauty debuted on air on Wednesday, April 27, and is available on HSN.com.

What inspired you to create your own clean beauty brand?

The brand honestly wasn’t my idea, it was my followers’ idea. Throughout my many years as a TV beauty expert, women from all over the world, of all ages, have been coming to me in e-mails, direct messages, and even in everyday conversation with their frustrations and concerns about their skin. These women were raising real issues they deal with beyond their faces – such as cleavage wrinkles, breast sweat, loss of firmness, uneven texture, and so on. So I thought about how I could help these women – and Nakery Beauty was born.

Clean beauty has always been important to me, so I did industry research and worked closely with chemists to make sure my products WORK – using powerful ingredients that deliver the results. I want my followers to get the results they’re looking for (fast!) so they can go out in the world everyday feeling confident.

What is your top beauty hack?

Well, hands and feet are two of the first body parts to show signs of aging, and they need more attention than we realize. Those who know me know that I am never not on my feet – running around working and enjoying life – ever since starting at the beauty counters 35 years ago. I love to take a moment at the end of the day to create my own foot soak, with different ingredients I’m testing, as well as scents that comfort me. More to come on that!

What is the most overlooked step in skincare routines?

When we think of skincare, we typically just think face – right? We use tons of products for our faces each day – for lines, wrinkles, hydration. There’s a different product for each need. But for the body, we stop at shower hydration and a body moisturizer and expect that to take care of all our issues. That’s (again) why Nakery Beauty was born! Our bodies have needs just like our faces – different parts require different, targeted solutions, with specific ingredients to create each solution.

Can you tell us more about the inspirations behind the scents?

I want each scent to remind her of a different experience. It’s not just a “vanilla” or a “peach.” It takes her to an event in the past and evokes that feeling. For example, Love in Bloom was inspired by that first love feeling – you’re so excited, you’re telling everyone, you could burst! And then I have Social Butterfly, which captures that moment you walk into a party and feel instantly confident. There is, and will continue to be, a fragrance for everyone for any occasion – so for me, it depends on the day. This weekend, I’ll be in Tropical Therapy mode because I haven’t been on vacation for so long – it takes me to that tiki bar in the sand.

We’re so excited about your limited edition, seasonal scents, which will be introduced throughout the year. Does your personality and travel style align more with California Dreamin’, your spring/summer scent, or with Lakeside Sunset, your summer/fall scent?

My fragrances are so much more than just a scent, they’re a total experience! California Dreamin’ goes back to my roots, with that feeling of the palm trees, the sun dresses, and driving down the Pacific Coast Highway with your closest girlfriends. Lakeside Sunset is that pink-striped, bronzy, twilight sky, fire and marshmallows with friends and family, and beautiful days spent. Both are different vibes but totally take us away. My goal is to create experiences that everyone can relate to in their own ways.

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